Life’s A Bitch – 4 Problem Solving Tips To Survive A Life Crisis


Ever heard the saying "Life's a bitch, and then you die"? Well some days when it feels as if the whole world is out to get you, that saying starts to make more sense. Its as if the walls are closing in and there is simply not enough oxygen to go around. Maybe it's the Universe's way of testing our resolve, but it would be nice if we were given time to study beforehand. If you've ever been in the situation then you know that things can look … [Read more...]

Expectations Are Killing You – Ain’t It Fun (Paramore Lyrics Included)


Sometimes our expectations aren't in alignment with reality, and at the end of the day we're left wondering what happened. Ain't it fun? Be sure to listen to my Car Talk Podcast on the subject. Also below is the song and lyrics I mentioned so you can here what Paramore has to say on the subject. It's one of my new favorite songs :) Enjoy! Ain't It Fun - Paramore I don't mind letting you down easy But just give it time If it don't hurt now … [Read more...]

Welcome To The Grind – Sunday Inspiration


Here is a little motivation to help you make it through the upcoming week. Sometimes you just need a little boost. So here is yours! Welcome to the grind! Talk Soon, P.S. Want to learn how to add $600 to your monthly income within the next week? Then Go ahead and click here now.   … [Read more...]

10 Simple Steps To Get Motivated Starting Today


Ever hit a slump where you simply feel unmotivated to do much of anything? We've all been there. The good news however, is that there are some fairly simple strategies that you can use to help you get motivated and stay motivated. Here are a few that you can try on for size. 1. Do the largest task first Brian Tracy wrote a book called Eat That Frog which says to always do the largest or hardest task first. This builds a sense of … [Read more...]

5 Habits Of Highly Successful People That You Can Adopt Today


  Ever wonder what makes a “successful person” actually successful? Well here a 5 habits of highly successful people that you can adopt today! 1. They Expect To Succeed "Successful people expect to succeed. They have confidence in their abilities and their creativity, and they believe that they can always find a way to reach their goal." Ask any successful person if they know that they're going to succeed and I guarantee you the … [Read more...]

Do What You Love – Your Sunday Inspiration


Sometimes life gets in the way and we forget to actually LIVE. So today's Sunday Inspiration is about living your dreams and truly enjoying life. Here's what the video's creators had to say: The Holstee Manifesto is a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community... ...This Film is a celebration. It is a celebration of gatherings, of diversity, of life, and of the beauty of shared experience. We hope … [Read more...]

Top 20 Tips For Living A More Empowered Life

empowered life

Most of us yearn to live a more empowered life. We wake up every morning wondering what we can do in order to make that happen. The good news is that everyday we're given a brand new opportunity to start to live the life of our dreams. So here are the top 20 tips for living a more empowered life. Some of these are mine and some I've borrowed from people whom I admire.  Travel often Celebrate your successes Be grateful for at least one … [Read more...]

“Secret” Facebook Feature Lets You Schedule Facebook Posts Like A BOSS!

Schedule Facebook Posts

Ever wish you could post more to your Facebook fan page but you simply don't have enough time in the day? Well I have a solution for you! Facebook has a seriously underutilized feature that allows you to schedule Facebook posts with a few simple clicks. Check out the video below to learn exactly how to do it. So there you go! Now you can go out there and schedule Facebook posts like a BOSS! :) If you got some value out of … [Read more...]

Success Is A Continuous Journey, Not A One Way Street – Marketing Monday Action Guide

Success is a continuous journey

Sometimes people feel as though success is a destination, when in fact success is a continuous journey. It also tends to take many twists and turns along the way. But that is part of the fun. So you have to learn to enjoy the journey. Below is a TED Talk by the awesome Richard St. John that shares his personal story on how success is not a one way street. I think you'll get a lot out of … [Read more...]

How To Speed Up Your Success In ANYTHING Using These 3 Simple Steps

Speed up success

Speed of implementation is one of the biggest secrets to success. If you've ever noticed the people that seem to have a lot of success in any field, are the ones that are constantly moving. I'm sure you've heard the phrase, "slow and steady wins the race", which is true. They do win the race, but those that sped to the finish line are done and sipping cocktails by the time the "slow and steady-ers" have arrived. Let's face it, we all want to … [Read more...]