Upgrade Your Day By Adding In A Morning Routine

Ever wake up in the morning and feel like you just can’t seem to get started? If so you’re not alone! Many of us  find it difficult to locate that get up and go. But I may have a solution for you…create your own morning routine!

First off though, let me be clear about what I consider a “morning routine” to be, because anyone who knows me is well aware of the fact that I rarely get up before 11 am. So my morning routine is more of a “whenever I wake up routine”.

But for all you early birds, morning is the ideal time to do this.

My personal routine was created back in 2010 when I began to realize that I was never actually getting anything done when I woke up. It would always seem to take me hours to accomplish anything, and I was in desperate need of a change. So I decided to create a series of tasks that I did every single day to help me learn to be more productive.

And it was probably the best idea I’ve ever had!

My Morning Routine

So here is my personal routine. Feel free to use it as a guideline to create your very own version.

1. Drink a glass of water

Most of us don’t drink nearly enough water. So starting your day off with a large glass is a good way to make sure your giving your body what it needs to be healthy.

2. Write out my agenda for the day

I like to spend a few minutes writing out my list of things I need to accomplish for the day. There’s something really powerful about being able to cross items off of your list. Though I like to keep it short and around 5-7 items because I find that anymore than that never seems to get done.

3. Write my 3 page Morning Pages

This is a huge part of how I start my day, and is what helps to get my brain in gear. Later this week, I’ll do a full post and training on exactly what this is.

4. Meditate for 10 minutes

This is the time I set aside to say my morning prayer and to mediate on what I hope to accomplish for the day.

5. Exercise for 20 minutes

I’ve fallen in love with the short exercises on the BodyRock site, so I do one of them every morning for 20 minutes. It’s just short enough so I don’t feel like it’s torture, but long enough to get results.

6. Shower

This one is pretty important after that step number 5!

7. Drink my Vi Shake

I drink a Vi shake as my breakfast every morning, which I always look forward to  because they are pretty darn delicious.

Banana shakes are my favorite! YUM!

Morning Routine Results

I found that by implementing the morning ritual into my daily routine, my productivity level shot through the roof. It allowed me to stay more focused and on track throughout the entire day.

Oh, and trust me, I can definitely tell the difference on days that I skip my routine. Not only do I get less done, but I don’t feel nearly as energized or awake.

So it’s been a huge improvement to not only my business but my life as well, and I highly recomend that you put this in place for yourself.

Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what your morning routine is. I’d love to see what sorts of things you include in yours!

Talk soon,

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  1. Hi Angel,

    Love your tips. I am big on meditating, listing out blessings/aka verbal gratitude list, visualizing, and doing a ton of push-ups first thing in the morning.

    Whatever you need to do, to life your vibe…do it. Align yourself and the day will get off to a smooth, effortless start, because no matter what happens you will remain calm and confident.



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